Custom Grid FAQ’s

Here are some frequently asked questions about custom grids.

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Can you make a custom grid for a _______ reflector?

Yes, we are always up for a new challenge and enjoy the process of engineering new lighting solutions.  In fact, designing and manufacturing custom lighting solutions is the life blood of our product development.  We welcome all inquires.

How much do custom grids cost?

The affordability of our custom grids will probably surprise you.  Usually, the cost is the same as a similarly sized stock grid.   If it is a grid for a popular reflector, we’ll often offer a lower price.

What shapes can you make?

We can make virtually any shape.  Thus far we have made square, rectangle, octagon, circle, and doughnut shaped (circle within a circle) grids.

Is the grid material framed?

Yes, but we also sell grid material by itself.  Please see the DIY GRIDS category in our web store.

What is the thickness of the grid material and frame?

Diffusion Grid Thickness Frame Thickness* Cell Diameter
10°  5/8 0.765''  1/8
15°  1/2 0.56''  1/8
25°  3/8 0.43''  1/8
30°  1/2 0.56''  1/4
40°  1/4 0.365''  1/8
45°  3/8 0.43''  1/4
60°  1/2 0.56''  3/8
90°  3/8 0.43''  3/8

* Frame thickness doesn't include Velcro on front and back. Add 0.09" for Velcro.

What size grids do you make?

We can make grids up to 50” x 98”.

How do your grids attach / fit?

Grid attachment / fit varies from application to application. 

The most popular method for round reflectors is Velcro strap attached to the grid frame.  With this method we provide adhesive Velcro to which the Velcro straps attach.  Spring clips are also used when a square surface is available to tension against.  We also use eye-bolts (see Broncolor Para 88 Grid) and positioning rods (see Universal Grids).

For LED light panels the most popular method is by attaching or pressing the grid onto the front of the LED light panel with Velcro.  Sometimes side attachment is the best attachment method.  Note: we provide Velcro for front and side attachment for stock sizes.  For more information, please see the LED light panel attachment instructions.  We have also used custom sewn wrap around straps (see Saberstrip Grid) for attachment.  For octas and softboxes we usually use the existing reflector Velcro for attachment.  For more information please see the Octa attachment instructions.

What type of grid material should I use?

There are two types of grid material to choose from: polycarbonate and aluminum.  We recommend polycarbonate for most applications because of its durability compared to aluminum grid material.  For high temperature lighting applications (150° F), we recommend aluminum grid material.

What degree of diffusion should I use? 

25° and 45° are the most popular degrees of diffusion for photographers and videographers, respectively.  Currently, we offer grid material from 3° to 90° of diffusion.

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