SaberStrip Honeycomb Grid

25° Black Poly-carbonate Grid

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Sales price: $79.00
Select the Diffusion & Color:

  • Designed to fit the SaberStrip
  • Includes to non-slip Velcro straps for grid attachment
  • Six Grids to choose from:
    • 15° Black Poly-carbonate Grid
    • 25° Black Poly-carbonate Grid
    • 25° White Poly-carbonate Grid (Black and White Grid Comparison)
    • 45° Black Poly-carbonate Grid
    • 60° Black Poly-carbonate Grid
    • 90° Black Poly-carbonate Grid
  • The grids circular cells create a perfectly round light diffusion pattern
  • Durable Plastic enclosure
  • Easily attaches to the front of the SaberStrip via two non-slip straps