How to Attach a Universal Grid


Black and White Grid Comparison


Lumodi 14" three feet from neutral light brown wall. Canon EOS 5D MKII, 28-300mm IS L USM II lens at 70 mm. 1/200 sec f5. Camera at 10 feet from wall.

Here's a link to a Black and White Grid Comparison on the Mola Blog.

New Universal Grid

Link to Universal Grid Product Pages


  1. Freedom to use grid on numerous reflectors (Elinchrom, Profoto, Broncolor, etc.)
  2. Maximum gridded light output (no grid ring on the inside of your reflector to block light)
  3. More control of your light (no light leak around the outside of the grid)


  1. 25° Light Diffusion Pattern
  2. Hardware: four 3” & four 6” positioning rods
  3. Durable Polycarbonate Grid Material
  4. Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  5. Grid Mounting Instructions
  6. Measuring your reflector to determine the correct Universal Grid